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Logistics Services

Superior efficiency with Murphy’s logistics services

Making Murphy your long-term logistics services partner gets you access to one of the best rail siding facilities in the United States and a wide range of tailored logistics services. Being the only private logistics company in Minneapolis to operate a Foreign Trade Zone for inbound logistics, we can provide importers a chance to meet custom regulations before official entry. Our complete logistics solutions—3PL Brokerage, rail, asset-based carrier, custom distribution, and U.S. customs—allow your business to operate more efficiently.


Moving goods seamlessly

In addition to the fleet of Murphy trucks, our committed capacity 3PL freight brokerage services allow us to focus on your supply chain solutions and transportation services needs throughout all of North America. We do this by leveraging our relationships with other carriers. Through this partner program, Murphy functions as a 500-truck fleet, supplying you with committed equipment when you need it at the best price. We stay engaged with these shipments by continually monitoring carrier performance and safety on the road.

Murphy’s rich tradition over the past 120 years has allowed us to build this unique carrier program that is founded on trust, integrity, and established relationships. Through these relationships, Murphy continues to deliver practical 3PL freight brokerage to Fortune 500 shippers as well as to the start-up shipper.

When You Need Freight Broker Companies

In the logistics industry, a freight broker company is a third-party entity that plays the role of coordinator, connecting businesses who need to ship goods with a carrier that offers shipping and logistics services. This includes negotiating rates, schedules, and all other details.

A quality 3PL freight brokerage will have established relationships with several carriers that offer a full line of transportation services. Our partnerships allow us to offer services to a variety of industries including medical, food, industrial, and consumer goods. This means we offer refrigerated and dry van solutions that work for most any need.

More Than Just 3PL Freight Brokerage Services

It is common that most freight brokerage services do not offer their own asset-based shipping, but at Murphy Logistics, we have the advantage of also owning our own equipment, so we can provide this service in-house when it is the best solution for our clients. Murphy actually owns and operates one of the best asset-based fleets in North America, so we can proudly demonstrate that we are a true asset based carrier.

Our 3PL freight brokerage services give you peace of mind knowing that all paperwork is being handled, all regulations are being followed, and all results will meet your expectations. Our team consists of industry experts with years of experience providing brokerage solutions.  

To get started, simply complete the contact form or RFQ form below. Our 3PL brokerage services team will then go to work identifying the best options for you so we can discuss them and narrow down exactly how to achieve your shipping goals.

If you find warehousing is also needed in your process, we can even offer our trusted warehousing and distribution solutions in Minnesota or Missouri. This temporary holding option is sometimes needed when connecting the dots between shipping and receiving. Fortunately, we have 15 warehousing and distribution logistics campuses to solve this problem. These end-to-end logistics services are one of the many things that set Murphy Logistics apart from our competition. 

Whatever your need, Murphy Logistics has the solution for you. As a well-established leader among 3PL freight brokerage companies, we have years of successful experience assisting companies of all types, so let’s discuss how we can work with you. Give us a call or fill out one of the forms below to get started!

Transport (Asset Based Carrier & Rail)

Reliable logistics with dependable equipment

With multiple terminals in Iowa, the Twin Cities area, and Kansas City, MO, Murphy Warehouse Company is committed to owning and operating one of the best logistics services with an asset-based fleet in North America. Murphy’s experienced drivers set the team apart from the competition. Our drivers are exceptional, and this clearly shows when they deliver. Our last touch is providing a great customer experience from start to finish.

Customer Services & Communication

Murphy’s experienced fleet provides exceptional customer service and operations. Multiple teams and resources allow our fleet to:

  • Flex capacity
  • Pass savings on to client partners
  • Deliver reliable results

Murphy’s state-of-the-art equipment and maintenance program ensures that the fleet is reliable and always ready to serve your needs. All trucks have multiple communication capabilities, like satellite tracking and on-board communications. Murphy can pinpoint your freight location all the time, every time.

The Murphy policy is to protect the environment and the health and safety of its employees, its customers and the public. This fleet strives to conduct all these activities in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Every day, Murphy customers move their goods from our warehouses to destinations all over the country. We use our asset based fleet of Murphy trucks to help them do this and offer FTL transport services. Operating out of Minnesota’s Twin Cities and the Kansas City, Missouri area, we help you get your goods to where they need to be.

What is an Asset Based Carrier?

When it comes to trucking companies, there are asset based and non-asset based carriers. The difference lies in whether the company has its own equipment to move your goods to their destination.

As an asset based carrier, Murphy operates a fleet of trucks to help you ship your goods to destinations across the Midwest. At the same time, we operate a non-asset based 3PL brokerage by partnering with other carriers. Doing so allows us to provide more flexibility to our customers, and it lets you reach more destinations with ease.

The Advantages of an Asset Based Carrier

The key benefits of working with an asset based carrier include:

  • Reliability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Security

It is easier for carriers to maintain high standards when they control more variables, such as managing their own equipment and employing their own drivers. 

These same factors also make it easier for the carrier to manage costs effectively. At the same time, all liability for any issues is centralized in one company. And our model of managing our own fleet plus partnering with other carriers gives us the flexibility to offer customers the best of both worlds.

What is FTL Transport?

FTL stands for ‘Full Truck Load.’ As the name implies, it involves shipping enough goods to fill up a truck’s entire cargo area. This is in contrast to LTL or ‘Less Than Truck Load,’ which means that your goods only fill up part of the cargo area, so you share the space with other shippers.

The main benefit of shipping FTL is that your goods go directly to their destination since you are the only one using the cargo area. As such, they will arrive more quickly at their intended destination. The desire for this simple and direct option is why we offer FTL transport at Murphy.

Secure and affordable rail logistics

Get help solving your biggest logistics challenges with customized rail freight transport services from Murphy. With strong partners in rail logistics, we offer a wide range of transload services at economical rates.

Rail freight transport is an ideal shipping solution for many American businesses. With a shortage of truck drivers plaguing the supply chain industry, intermodal transport has become increasingly attractive. Additionally, it offers reduced costs due to economies of scale, competitive shipping times, and efficient distribution.

At Murphy, we connect products to destinations across North America by leveraging our relationships in the rail freight industry, whether for long-haul or drayage. We have directly partnered with all Class 1 carriers serving the Upper Midwest, including Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Union Pacific, Canadian National, and Canadian Pacific. We also have a strong relationship with Progressive Rail regional short line railroad, making us the second-largest private rail shipper in the region.

Murphy’s logistics network gives us a commanding position in the market. Our rail partners have direct access to Murphy’s rail storage facilities through dedicated rail line spurs that keep freight costs low for our customers.

Advantages of Rail Logistics

Better Safety, Lower Insurance Premiums – Rail freight transport reduces many operational risks associated with long-distance freight like theft, accidents, cost fluctuations, traffic jams, truck driver shortages, and more. Insurance premiums on rail logistics are considerably lower than truck freight.

Environment Friendly –  Rail logistics is greener than truck freight due to fewer stops and high volume transport. On average, intermodal rail is 3-4 times more fuel-efficient than trucks.
Complex Cargo Needs – Industrial products with customized logistics needs can be transported over short distances with our drayage services or long-distance through rail freight. We offer professional rigging and erecting services for high-value products as well.

The Murphy Advantage: Why Choose Us

Broad Range of Services: Our expertise includes the entire spectrum of post-production distribution. We specialize in rail freight transport, customized storage, piggyback containers (combined cargo), fulfillment services, packaging, rail transload, quality control, freight audit, cross-docking, customs support, last-mile delivery, precision rigging, and postponement services.

Flexible Scaling During Peaks: Our rail freight transport services are well-positioned to handle high volume SKUs and simplify complex supply chains that many 3PLs cannot control. We also offer different low SKU models for day-to-day intermodal transportation.

Complete Control Over Your Supply Chain: We maintain firm control over your products throughout the supply chain. Rail transloading and distribution are carried out by in-house staff to ensure damage-free freight and unweathered storage through our cross-country network of partners.

Integrated Network: Over the last 100 years, we have built a network of partners that complete the entire spectrum of logistics needs. Our logistics partners give us the confidence to continually take on new challenges for our customers.

Custom Distribution

Customized solutions for goods handling

Murphy provides customized, value-added logistics solutions tailored to suit your business goals.

Murphy understands that no two customers are alike. Every supply chain is unique and can’t be optimized through run-of-the-mill logistics services. While other logistics service providers work on economies of scale, we leverage our capabilities to match specific customer demands. We’ve formed many long-term partnerships with clients that have diverse industry backgrounds.

A Solution For Every Challenge

More than a century of experience has taught us to understand our customer’s customers. Our portfolio of clients includes both B2C and B2B businesses of all scales and types. We are deeply invested in building inventory that solves a wide range of custom logistics challenges.

For heavy-hauls, we provide a wide range of flatbed trucks along with rigging, millwright, and erecting services. For e-commerce partners and omnichannel deliveries, we provide last-mile delivery, pick and pack, and reverse logistics. We also offer value-added distribution, including labeling, kitting, inspection, and compliance.

We are certified to handle a wide range of goods ranging from industrial machinery to cold chain logistics. We form long-term partnerships with customers who know we are happy to solve their unique logistic needs.

Our custom distribution services include:

  • Transload and Cross-docking Services
  • Full Truckload Shipping
  • Local and National Transportation Solutions
  • Pool Distribution
  • Flatbed Shipping
  • LTL Shipping
  • Rail Shipping
  • Rail Siding
  • Kitting Services
  • Pick-and-Pack
  • Customs Support
  • Extensive Order Fulfillment Options
Custom Distribution: Why Choose Us

Murphy operates 15 facilities in Iowa, the Twin City metropolitan area, and Kansas City, with 4.2 million square feet of dry, temperature-controlled, outdoor, and food-grade warehousing space. We operate an extensive fleet of modern cargo trucks with in-house staff and real-time monitoring to ensure hyper-local deliveries that are consistently accurate.

Murphy 3PL Network

Murphy takes pride in its partnerships in the industry. We have one of the largest networks of 3PL brokerage partners, giving our clients the best price discovery in the market. As one of the largest commercial rail transloading providers in the Upper Midwest, we can provide low-cost, flexible rail hauls to our clients.

Customized Inventory Control

The Murphy Vendor Management System is one of the best in class, where clients can remotely access all information on their assets and make real-time decisions. Vendor data is updated in real-time across all stages of the supply chain.

Midwest International Logistics Center: Murphy Foreign Trade Zone

Murphy is the only regional player with its own General Purpose Foreign Trade Zone 119 (FTZ). Located on our Minneapolis campus, this hub is dedicated to goods kitting and reassembly before entering US soil, helping importers avoid inverted tariff and customs restrictions.

International Logistics

International capabilities for global growth

At Murphy, we aim to streamline the warehousing and distribution process for import and export products. We do this through our Central Examination Station and Midwest International Logistics Center in Minneapolis. These facilities help businesses comply with regulatory standards before official entry into the US.

Central Examination Station (CES)

Murphy operates the Central Examination Station as a U.S. Customs clearance inspection hub for all sizes of cross-border shipments (both FCL and LCL). We accept freight through all trade lanes, whether it arrives by rail, truck, or air.

We invest in international logistics solutions technology to provide extra security, ensure proper storage of perishables, and speed up container movements. As a bonded warehouse, we prepare products for inspection and sampling. Our documentation and clearance expertise has helped many businesses complete the compliance process quickly and easily.

We also work closely with several government agencies: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (CBP), The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to name a few.

Midwest International Logistics Center (MILC)

Murphy operates the only General Purpose Foreign Trade Zone in FTZ 119 (FTZ) within the 3501 Customs region. It is located at our Minneapolis logistics campus (MILC). The general purpose zone gives importers the ability to enter their shipment into the FTZ in order to identify and rectify any problems with their shipment prior to submitting importation documents to U.S. Customs. The other FTZ in the area is at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.

As a custom bonded warehouse, Murphy provides multiple advantages to the global supply chain. Importers and exporters can use us for long-term storage of imported freight, product modification, and export of imported goods for global transport without any duties or inspection.

Importers, in general, can undertake the following activities in a General Purpose Foreign Trade Zone for both air and ocean freight.

  • Product De-Assembly, Re-labeling, Repackaging
  • Product Testing/Sampling
  • Product Repair and Storage (Up to 5 years for restricted goods)
  • Salvaging, Destroying, and Manipulation
  • Cleaning, Processing, Mixing

Through MILC, our International Logistics Division, we specialize in international bonded warehousing and container freight station service.

Because Murphy has the experience and connections to ensure your international logistics needs are met on time and correctly, we know we can help you progress your business forward. Reach out to discover how we can work with your custom needs to ensure the best global transport experience possible!

Partner with Murphy Logistics

No matter how large or small your shipments are, we can handle it. Murphy Logistics has served the Midwest for over 118 years. We are a customer-focused, woman-owned company, and we further enhance our efforts by using the EOS operating system. Consult with our logistics services professionals to help you find the best answers by contacting our team at 612-260-9442 today.