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Improving efficiency, the 3PL way!

It is a well-known and documented idea that using a 3PL can help companies improve efficiency. You will see 3PLs and stories talking about improved efficiency leading to customers saving money all over the web. We have even written about increasing our customers efficiency in previous blog posts and case studies. Please, feel free to check those stories out for specific stories or background about using a 3PL for storage and distribution. If we dig a little bit deeper into it, specifically, what do 3PLs do differently to help improve efficiency for our clients?

It’s pretty simple, actually! There are many different ways that a 3PL can improve efficiency from new technology and robust warehouse management systems to automated handling and conveyor systems. Not all 3PLs have those advanced systems in place, but they can still provide value by having things in place such as:

Experienced Professionals

Storage and distribution are a 3PLs core competency, meaning that is what they do well. Professional warehousemen, forklift drivers and order pickers handle products from multiple lines and clients every day, leading to quick handling and efficient storage.

With over 110 years in the industry and many employees with 20+ years of experience Murphy Warehouse has one of the most tenured teams in the nation. This helps us to evaluate quickly and thoroughly, which saves our customers time and money! We evaluate and execute each project individually and make a plan for how we will handle and store the product as a team to ensure the best results.

Strategic Storage

From stacking to racking storage, 3PLs know how to utilize space in the best way possible. Clients always find clean and efficient storage when they visit our warehouse to see their product. Whether the account is billed by the square foot, pallet or piece customers have to know that there is no wasted space in their budget.

All types of products in the warehouse must be stored a little bit differently to maximize efficiency. Bulk stored products may be stackable, while fragile and smaller inventory is racked in safe and secure structures to prevent damages while increasing efficiency.

Consolidated Products

Another big way that 3PLs increase efficiency is through the consolidation of products. Whether we are mixing products on pallets to boost storage efficiency to consolidating pallets into truckload quantities we can help our customers save on their product footprints every day.

Moving inventory around strategically can reduce the number of pallets or product spaces that our clients have on the warehouse floor. There are added benefits, as well. Consolidating truckload quantities also helps the environment by maximizing the amount of product that each truck moves on every shipment. This can help with both the customer’s sustainability efforts as well as Murphy’s Green Initiatives.

When seeing a top notch 3PL operate at peak efficiency, it is easy to see how they can save their clients time and money with their storage and distribution. Please CONTACT US with any questions, or inquiries about warehouse tours or proposals. Thanks for reading, be sure to check back next week to learn about our growing logistics industry and company!