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Location, Location, Logistics: Strategic Warehouse Locations

Everybody has heard the saying “Location, Location, Location”. This age-old idea applies to just about every industry, as companies want to locate themselves where the top assets, good employees and quality customers are. The logistics industry is no different, in fact, in many ways location is more important for a 3PL. Over the next few weeks we will discuss the idea of Location, Location, Logistics and how it can help companies find extreme efficiency improvements, a lower bottom line and even a reduced carbon footprint.

“More is Less”

Murphy’s President and CEO, Richard Murphy has explained the “More is Less” strategy when it comes to warehousing and distribution at conferences and seminars nation wide! Having many strategically placed warehouses that deliver within smaller areas and reach customers quickly and efficiently is becoming the new norm within the supply chain community. Companies are moving away from having mega-distribution hubs, which have traditionally delivered freight throughout most of the nation. This is especially true when it comes to the 3PL industry. As companies that specialize in storing, distributing and transporting freight throughout the nation, being near the assets, customers and action can help to reduce costs for transportation.

 Where You Need To Be

As real estate experts, 3PLs are often able to conveniently find new locations near specific industrial plant facilities, wholesalers and retailers to help with transportation costs and product lead times.  We consider ourselves real estate experts, and many times can lease warehouses and assets for much lower rates because of the reputation and relationships that we have with the real estate sector. At Murphy, we are known for leaving buildings in better condition than we found them, because of our commitment to excellence and quality in our logistics campuses. In 2012, Murphy added new facility in Kansas City, Missouri, because one of our longstanding customers had a specific need in that market. We were able to set up a warehouse within months which helped to move our client’s product closer to their manufacturer resulting in boosted efficiency, a lowered bottom line and improved relationships with their clients.  

 Sustainable Supply Chain

Being closer to the action not only helps to reduce cost, but it can have an impact on a company’s carbon footprint. By reducing the miles traveled, you are not only saving dollars and time, but are participating in the movement towards a greener supply chain. See our Sustainability section to learn all about how being green can impact your company!

Having a strategic plan in place when selecting warehouse locations can make a difference in hours of saved time, thousands of dollars and can have a significant impact on sustainability when looking back at the end of the year. Be sure to follow the blog for the next couple of weeks to learn more about how location can be one of the most important pieces to running a quality, efficient supply chain!

Have a wonderful day!