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Our 3PL Industry

Every 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) company makes a substantial impact on the environment.  In the United States alone, the warehouses used by industry as well as by logistics/3PL companies, make up about 5 billion (with a “b”) indoor square feet of space.  If the yards and open spaces surrounding these buildings are also factored in, that space increases to 7 billion square feet of the planet!  For a visual image, think of 120,000 football fields or a six foot walkway that runs from your location all the way to the moon!

At Murphy, we operate 3 million square feet of warehouse space across 14 buildings located in both Minnesota and Missouri.  We own 75% of the buildings we use and have invested heavily in energy conservation, energy generation, recycling, improved storm water runoff, and more — all aimed at both decreasing the warehouses’ impact on the environment and saving money.  Sustainability is a key element in many of our business decisions but we also believe a truly sustainable business balances the economic reality and environmental factors.

To lessen environmental impacts, reduce carbon footprints, and remain competitive, many of our colleagues and competitors within our industry have started to consider green practices too.  This is a positive trend.  Whether stepping up recycling efforts, choosing cleaner fuels for transportation, or changing lighting technology, there are many sustainable routes companies are taking to reverse the impact they make on the surrounding environment.

There are resources available to help.  Our industry association for example, has created the IWLA Sustainable Logistics Initiative (SLI) to help members better measure progress and achieve more results toward environmental impact reduction.  This initiative is especially helpful for the small-medium sized business, which often is unsure where to start and how to financially justify these types of business choices.

We welcome and encourage more companies to join us in viewing their sustainable objectives as part of their core beliefs and values.  Murphy certainly does and we would love more companionship.

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