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Pro Mat 2015 Convention Recap

As Pro Mat 2015 comes to a close and the Tesla sitting near the entrance to Automate 2015 drives off into the sunset, everybody seems to be leaving Chicago a winner. From the great exhibitors showing off innovative products to the attendees learning about the new products and ideas that are shaping the material handling industry, there was much to be gained by attending. Check out the ProMat 2015 website for more information on the convention.   

The Murphy team had a very interesting trip to the large material handling convention held in Chicago, Illinois. Not even the travel cancellations, delays and re-routes, due to a late season snow storm, could keep Kimberly and Neil (from Murphy’s Sales and Marketing teams) from meeting many of the other young professionals at the MHI Young Professionals Networking Meeting during the first evening. In a great event, some of the up and coming professionals in material handling, supply chain and logistics innovation were  able to meet and discuss what they think is important to them and the industry.

The next day, our Murphy employees hit the show floor to see what exhibitors had to show off. Leading companies such as Yale Forklifts, Enersys Stored Energy and Inbound Logistics Publications had booths drawing in thousands of visitors to learn about their innovative products and thoughts on the Industry.  They also attended show floor seminar sessions, discussing everything from e-commerce fulfillment trends, to the Internet of Things and how that data can help to increase efficiency, safety and progress within the supply chain.

The team traveled the show floor, looking for new products and ideas that can be implemented within our own warehouses to help our clients achieve even better efficiency, accuracy and customer service! One of the highlights of the show for Murphy attendees was seeing Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple, as a Keynote speaker talking about innovation and technology.

Murphy is committed to providing innovative logistics solutions driven by our enthusiasm to create a positive difference for our customers and employees. Our vision is to be an amazing logistics services organization that is admired and trusted by our employees, partners and community. By attending conventions like Pro Mat 2015, we gain an insight on what is up and coming for the logistics industry,  thus leading to a great modern experience for us and our clients.