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Sustainability Update 2015

With two of the larger sustainable supply chain and logistics awards out for 2015, Murphy is proud to announce that we have been named a Food Logistics Top Green Provider and an Inbound Logistics G75 Green Logistics Partner! We also will have our newest annual Corporate Sustainability Report available to the public in the coming month, making this a very exciting time for us here at Murphy. You can see last year’s CSR HERE. In today’s post we are going to share some thoughts on the sustainable supply chain and logistics industry.

The Green Supply Chain

Manufacturers, Warehouses, 3PLs and their yards make up about 7 billion+ square feet of space throughout the United States. The reason I point this out is that our industry will make a substantial impact on the environment, mainly because of the sheer size of it, and there is no getting around that.

How can companies help to combat sustainability issues in the Supply Chain?

Whether stepping up recycling efforts, choosing cleaner fuels for transportation, or changing lighting technology, there are many sustainable routes companies are taking to reverse the impact they make on the surrounding environment. There are also many resources available to help.  One of our industry associations, IWLA, has created a Sustainable Logistics Initiative to help members measure progress and achieve quality results toward environmental impact reduction.  This initiative is especially helpful for the small-medium sized business, which many times are unsure where to start and how to financially justify these types of business choices.

Why We’re Green

As a logistics, warehousing, and transportation company, we have been providing leading edge solutions for our clients and for our community since 1904. Whether on the road or in the warehouse, we continually work to meet customer and marketplace demands using our core Murphy values – integrity, mutual respect, excellence, creativity, and leadership. Sustainable business practices fit right into these values. We also find that staying efficient with our energy usage, recycling responsibly and keeping our campuses up to date with the latest sustainable technology brings our clients even more value through increasing their sustainable coverage. 

“We have made a long term strategic and financial commitment to reducing our impact on our corner of the planet and we take our sustainable practices seriously. To us a truly sustainable business balances economic and environmental factors.” – Richard Murphy, President and CEO

Be sure to check back next week for updates about our growing industry and company!