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What Must Haves Impact Your Supply Chain

Every Supply Chain is unique and cannot be treated as the next. Different types of products and customers make for new challenges to face. 3PLs are here to help our clients find efficiency, save time and money, and mitigate risk. We want to help our clients succeed, and that means finding out what needs to be done to make their supply chain operate at peak performance! What “Must Haves” are there when picking providers and starting a job.

Massive Storage Space?

Are you storing extreme amounts of product? Whether you have large products or large amounts of inventory to floor space to store it is what really counts. With the demand for real estate and price per square foot at a premium, customers with large storage needs will need to choose warehouse space or 3PL partners wisely.

Easy Access?

Do you need easy access to your warehouse? What about easy access from your warehouse to your customers? If proximity is a large factor to your operation searching for 3PL providers locally can greatly improve your chances of finding a quality provider. Shipping to your customers really depends on your mode of transportation and location. If you are sending shipments nationwide and want only one warehouse, choosing a central location like Kansas City could be a great fit for your needs. If you are looking to fill orders on a same day or next day basis, using multiple partners or finding a partner that has multiple locations is a must.

Multiple Locations?

One way to check both the Massive Storage Space and Easy Access “Must Have” boxes is to outsource storage and distribution to a 3PL partner with multiple locations. Multiple locations allow shippers to fill large amounts space as well as have their customers, transportation and manufacturing plants close to the warehouse.

Automated Warehouse?

Do you have many different items? Do items need to be picked at a rapid pace to fill hundreds of orders per day? Are most shipments 2 items or less? If you answered yes to these questions, an automated warehouse may be the best fit for you. Robots, conveyor systems and light or sound to pick systems make filling orders a breeze no matter what size they are. There are many different ways that a warehouse can be set up to make automated picks, it is just a matter of finding what works best for your operation. It also takes trained and quality warehouse employees to keep up with the high quality accuracy and quality that your customers demand!

Security Measures

Security measures are put in place to protect both the 3PL’s employees as well as the product stored and transported. Finding a warehouse with the correct security measures to match your product needs is a must. High value products require more security to ensure that they are protected from damage and theft as they make their way to their final destinations. Security measures are something to discuss when matching company cultures up with eachother. 

Matching Culture?

A massive fortune 500 giant, matched with a “mom and pop 3PL” may not be the best fit when it comes to culture. There is no saying that the partnership won’t work, but the mom and pop 3PL may not have the right checks and balances in place to fulfill all of the Giant’s standards. Are you a company looking to increase sustainability initiatives and keep your company green? Many 3PLs are new to the sustainable supply chain and it will take time to put those measures into place.

Murphy is the type of company that fits all of our client’s needs. We have the systems in place to handle accounts of all sizes and can offer value added services such as order picking, transportation, and sustainability improvements. With 110 years of service we have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes. We provide great value to our partners through great customer service, exceptional quality and the ability to move forward with the newest trends!