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Consumer Goods Logistics

Dependable movement and storage of consumer goods products

Retail and consumer goods have some of the most complex supply chains in the industry. With so many different types of products going to a vast array of different stores, each unique item will have its own journey from manufacturing to the shelves of the store to which it’s sold. Consumer goods logistics is the name of this journey, and Murphy Logistics is a leader when it comes to fulfilling this successfully.

Container Shipping Cycle

Most consumer goods are manufactured overseas and shipped to the United States. The consumer goods logistics process starts at manufacturing and doesn’t end until that product hits the shelves at a local retailer. To begin, large shipping containers are floor-loaded from top to bottom in order to maximize efficiency and space. From there the goods are shipped overseas. When they hit the U.S. they are typically put on a train and sent to a distribution center. At the distribution center, they are unloaded, sorted, and then put into storage in a distribution center. Distribution centers (DC) can be run by the retailer themselves, or as is more and more common, by a third party such as Murphy Logistics. Once in the DC, products can be ordered and sent to the store level in a number of different ways. Murphy is adept at handling all of these.

Custom Distribution

When a retailer needs a specific quantity of a product, they can’t typically afford the cost or trouble of purchasing and storing more than that quantity. This is where custom distribution in retail logistics comes into play. In Custom distribution, stores can order items to be shipped on a full pallet basis, or they can have cases picked or case packs broken down into smaller quantities to meet their current needs. Murphy has the ability to fulfill this need, whatever the order size. Murphy’s robust inventory management system allows us to store, track, and deliver products in any quantity needed. This complex consumer goods warehousing process takes space, equipment, and efficient systems to ensure consistency and reliability.

Inventory Management

While stores having large back rooms with overstock items was normal as recently as 10 years ago, things have changed. Today, many retailers opt to keep a smaller number of items available in the store and a large number of items in a distribution center nearby. This practice gives store owners and managers the flexibility to utilize more floor space for other things such as item display. Because they know they can simply and quickly order what they need and have those items shipped in from the nearby distribution center as needed, they are able to operate leaner and efficiently while still keeping their shelves stocked. 

Murphy’s inventory management solutions allow for this and have become a trusted part of the daily operations for many businesses in the areas where our DCs are established. This aspect of consumer goods logistics is allowing more and more businesses to control their inventory with confidence, without the overhead of extra storage space and employees.

Store Display Options

In the world of retail logistics, building custom displays and filling them with products that appeal to customers in the retail shopping experience is a specialized service. Murphy Logistics is well versed in this aspect of logistics, with employees who are highly trained and experienced to set up displays to meet our customer’s exact specifications. For your retail logistics needs, our capabilities include pre-loading products into custom displays so that they are ready for the retail floor, or we can ship products separately and load them on-site. Either way, the Murphy team is prepared to help see your consumer goods through to the endpoint where the money is made.

Direct to Consumer

Consumer goods logistics can also mean shipping from the warehouse directly to a consumer’s home. Murphy can pick and pack your consumer products for you and send them to their final destination. This includes items that are picked in single units or multiple items that are picked and re-packed into a shipping box with other items, where they are then sent out via small-parcel delivery. Murphy’s team of experts handles this process with a vast array of technology, years of experience, and proven processes that ensure efficiency.