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5 Qualities For a Great Project Partnership

With new stadiums, malls and apartment complexes being built regularly, large construction and renovation projects is a growing trend in both Minnesota and Kansas City. Working with a 3PL can help boost efficiency, safety and productivity. Planning for a project is one of the most important phases to ensure a successful outcome. Check out our top five qualities for a great logistics project partnership.

Variable space

Space requirements for projects can range from a couple of bays to a full dedicated warehouse, making a 3PLs ability to flex space usage extremely important. Companies with the ability to add new warehouses quickly or shrink space if needed can be a great resource for companies completing projects in specific regions.

Number of services offered

With the complexity of many construction projects, renovations and short term logistics projects a quality 3PL partner must be able to complete a number of different services. Teams with more than standard pallet operations are valuable for projects as they may need things like Just In Time Transportation solutions or item picking operations.

Value added

Similar to the number of services available, how well does the 3PL operate? Do they pick orders accurately? How many items can they pick for an order with short lead times? What experience does the 3PL have with the inventory and order types that you will need. 

Experienced team

An experienced team makes for a great partner in most situations, but with a 3PL partnership it can make all the difference. When the team has done similar projects and management knows how things will operate from the start, efficiency, accuracy and safety all will benefit during the project.

Specialized equipment

Does your product and equipment need specialized logistics equipment to move or transport it? With oversized items, special forks or add on equipment may be needed for storage and distribution. With a dedicated rigging department, Murphy can find a way to move any product into a warehouse or to the jobsite.

As a project manager, learning these five things about prospective 3PLs can help your logistics run efficiently from start to finish.Over the next couple of weeks we will discuss project based warehousing and the benefits that it can have for efficiency, reliability, and safety of materials and tools.

Have a wonderful day!