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Murphy operates 14 warehousing and distribution logistics campuses throughout Minnesota and Missouri to serve customers with needs including bulk, rack and food grade storage. We excel in a variety of different areas including warehousing, transportationfulfillment, pick and packrail servicesU.S. Customs inbound, and more. Customer service, however, is where we really thrive. With Murphy you will have your own trained and tested Logistics Coordinator to assist you with any need you may have while your product is stored in one of our secure warehouse spaces.

If you have any questions about our services or if we can help you in any way, please contact us or submit an RFP and somebody will be there to assist you ASAP. 

Storage Solutions

Store your products in the most efficient way by utilizing our bulk or racked food  grade storage. Our experienced team can save you money on real estate by utilizing the most efficient storage processes.

Fulfillment Services

Murphy offers comprehensive and customized fulfillment services. From large companies to small boutiques, we assemble or package it your way. We are unique because of the knowledge and experience of our team. They make your fulfillment process more efficient and cost-effective. We have can send any number of products to vendors and customers. We also have experience with pick and pack operations to fulfill any type of order.

Minnesota Warehousing

At nearly 115 years old and with nearly 3 million square feet of warehouse space, Murphy is Minnesota’s most experienced warehousing provider.

Missouri Warehousing  

Murphy’s Missouri warehousing options are set up to provide clients peak performance for shipping to the entire US. With efficient storage options and over 400 thousand square feet our team is here for you!

Outdoor Storage

We offer secure, outdoor storage with multiple options. With a gated, guard shack secured entrance in our Shakopee Facility, we have storage capacity for over 250,000 sq. ft. on site.