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A Holiday Visit to the Warehouse

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the warehouse,

not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

(Because pest control is number one at Murphy Warehouse)

Many orders are filled by workers with care,

aware that UPS and FedEx drivers soon would be there.

Shoppers buy presents online while snuggled in bed,

hoping they’ll get them before family members are fed.

Some gifts have requests to put on a bow,

and are sent out the door with a card signed by “Joe”.

The warehousemen pick and they pack, they even label and ship,

ensuring that presents stay safe during their trip.

Truck drivers arrive at our docks to pick up the package,

they fill their trucks as full as they can manage.

Hosts are rushing and cooking and making the dip,

when an email pops up saying their package has shipped.

On your doorstep it arrives, even with a day to spare,

your niece’s brand new, cute and pink teddy bear.

We even ship to stores for clients who are wholesalers,

filling the shelves of those busy retailers.

The last minute shoppers snatch up deals with glee,

then wrap them and place them under the Christmas tree.

Food, clothing, and toys, even a bottle of wine,

you can order with confidence, knowing we deliver every time!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season 

-From the entire Murphy team!