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Supporting Covid-19 Vaccination Storage and Distribution

While Murphy has stored medical equipment and pharmaceuticals for decades, the latest needs have been some of the most important in our 117-year history!

Supporting the Covid-19 pandemic relief effort has been top of mind at Murphy over the past year. From taking extra precautions to ensure that our essential workers were safe, to onboarding new clients that have helped throughout the nation – we were eager to do our part to help the country stay running.

When the opportunity to support new vaccine efforts was brought to our attention, we worked hard to ensure that the best solution was put in place. With the client searching for a secure, flexible solution, Murphy was an obvious choice.  Murphy’s numerous locations across the US combined with our flexibility allowed this client to find the right fit for their logistics needs. Our experience with medical goods also gave them peace of mind. Murphy provides secure, discreet and private storage solutions that allow our partners to store high security products that require delicate handling and specialized equipment.  Clients are allowed to come and go – or grow and shrink their operation as needed and extra precautions are put in place to ensure that their products are safe.

While finding new solutions is nothing new for the team at Murphy, we are proud to be part of the solution for a safer future!