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Alternative transportation solutions for sustainability!

Sustainable transportation is a big broad statement aimed at reducing the impact that product transportation has on the world. There are many ways to become more sustainable when shipping products throughout the world. SmartWay Carriers ensure that trucks are up to date, drivers are educated and products have as little impact as possible as they move. Learn about SmartWay Carriers in our previous blog post.

Alternative transportation options can be much more sustainable than transporting products strictly over the road. Even the most sustainable trucks can’t compete with some alternative transportation solutions.

Did you know that for every rail box car loaded, the equivalent of FOUR trucks are taken off of our roads. Intermodal solutions utilize shipping such as ocean, rail and truck to ensure that the most efficient path is taken. Intermodal containers can also be shipped in bulk: ships, barges and trains carry many containers at a time, while a truck can only carry one.

Finding creative ways to move products can help you save money on freight costs, but can also help you lessen the impact that your product has on the earth. One way to do this is to give yourself a little bit of extra lead time for each shipment. Ordering last minute can lead to more expensive rates and limited transportation options. If you can handle waiting a little while longer, shipping intermodal is a great way to save on freight costs and environmental impact! The demand chain is always changing, but staying on top of products that you know are in high demand can make all the difference.

Reducing the miles that a product travels is also an incredible way to become more sustainable and reduce freight costs. Stay tuned, while we discuss distribution center options and freight mapping. 

Have a wonderful day!