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Annual Corporate Sustainability Report Released

Murphy has released our 4th Annual Corporate Sustainability Report!

Each year we share our sustainable initiatives, goals and accomplishments in a detailed and comprehensive report. 2016 is the third year that we have voluntarily reported to the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) making us one of the first to do so!  Within the report we compare ourselves to similar size and type facilities, meaning logistics companies with similar square footage, assets and customer bases. Annually, our report addresses the business operations over which we have control.

Assets that we control:

  • Four owned and operated warehousing and logistics facilities
  • 30 owned and operated freight trucks
  • 124 owned and operated forklifts  

Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of Murphy’s business model. Because of that, we strive to improve our green initiatives and accomplishments each year! In 2016 we made improvements in all of our major goal areas.

Major Goals in 2015 Included:

  1. Emitting 50% less than the national average for Greenhouse Gasses
    • We emitted less than 30%!
  2. Increasing the percentage of electricity generated by renewable resources
    • We increased the percentage for the fourth year in a row!
  3. Reduce Water consumption by 25% from our 2010 baseline
    • Since 2010 we have reduced our water usage by 52%!

Our running goals are an annual benchmark for improvements in providing a sustainable supply chain, however, we go above and beyond those goals each year. In order to stay a leader in green logistics we participate in additional certifications such as LEED, Energy Star and ISO 14001. We also learn of ways in which we can improve by conducting research and using new and innovative green technology.

2015 highlights included:

  • We own three LEED Gold certified buildings. Our Fridley locations participated in LEED re-certification this past year, making them the first two warehouses in the country to do so!
  • Reporting on the first company-wide employee commuting survey.
  • Improving the percent of electricity supplied by solar from 9.7% to 10.6 percent.

See the Full Report Here: