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Brad George – Serving Breakfast for Good!

Murphy is known for great service, and our team members are the ones who make that happen! Each month we will highlight one of our team members so you can get to know the people behind the scenes!

Waking up at 4:30 on a Sunday morning doesn’t sound like a great time for most people, but for Brad George, it’s the highlight of his week! Brad has volunteered with Hope Avenue, held at Elam Church, almost every Sunday for a decade. As a regular attendee at Elam, Brad began looking for ways to serve. They talked about the choir and teaching classes such as Sunday school for kids in the church, which didn’t seem like great fits for Brad. That’s when the ministry began to speak about Hope Avenue, a free breakfast for people in need every Sunday morning. “I can’t sing, and am not very talented at things like that, but I sure can cook,” he says with a smile. 

As the first person into the church on Sunday morning, Brad spends 1 to 2 hours setting up the fully financed breakfast for homeless and hungry people in the Twin Cities area. He has built many relationships with other 10-15 volunteers as well as the 100 to 150 people who enjoy a free hot breakfast every Sunday in Northeast Minneapolis. “I love the interaction with all of these people and am extremely blessed to serve at Hope Avenue,” says Brad. “When I first started here, nobody even wanted to talk to me, but now I consider most of these people my closest friends!” he shared.

Although the church gets many donations from food shelves throughout the Twin Cities, there is always a little bit more that needs to be purchased. Brad takes the time each and every week to head to the grocery store and pick up what’s needed. He is conscious of dietary restrictions of all sorts because the church provides a meal for anybody who walks in the door, regardless of race, religion or ability