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Case Study Highlight: Full Service

When a company begins to grow, transitions can be challenging and the operation may experience some growing pains. Maintaining great service for customers, providing quality products and completing specialized services in house can make it difficult for companies to move into new markets. Working with a 3PL partner can allow you to keep that a high level of service and quality without the need for a long term lease and new or re-located employees.

Utilizing services

About five years ago Murphy got a request for warehouse space from a company moving into the Midwest. As they grew and entered new markets, they did not want to find a specific building (locking them into a long term lease) hire warehouse and manufacturing teams, and coordinate all of their orders. Although our client had many specific needs including light manufacturing and assembling products when they are ordered – they decided to work with Murphy as their 3PL partner and utilize our expertise in warehousing and transportation.

Quality Partnerships

The transition was extremely smooth, allowing our client to continue the same level of service that they have been providing to customers throughout the country. Starting with about 20,000 square feet of warehouse space in a flexible 90 day lease, our teams worked together, with our client teaching Murphy employees the ins and outs of their light manufacturing assembly while learning about things that can be done within the warehouse to keep the operation running seamlessly.  Murphy now completes all of their orders in the market as one of five specialized distribution centers throughout the United States and Canada.

By leveraging many of the services that a 3PL can provide, our client grew in the market, has a strong partnership with a 3PL, and continues to be a leader in their industry.

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