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Effortless Inventory Management

The right tools can provide effortless inventory management and transparency throughout your entire supply chain. Included with Murphy’s warehouse management system (WMS) is a tool called NetView. NetView allows you to view inventory summaries, lot activity, loading and shipment tracking, order details and more with 24/7 live updates through an online portal system. With login credentials, you can set up a customized interface with information tailored to your specific needs.

How can this improve the supply chain?

With 24/7 access and live updates, you have full access to your account’s activity in the warehouse without having to call or wait for a report. This lets you monitor inventory levels, orders and shipments, ensuring that your product is never in short supply. Utilizing Murphy’s NetView system enables you to implement proactive ordering techniques such as just-in-time shipments to the production environment so that product isn’t using valuable manufacturing space at the facility.

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How to manage an “effortless inventory management system”

While the login system is available for 24/7 access to the interface, custom reports and “push notifications” can be set up so you are alerted when an action is taken on your account. Want an email every time new inventory is checked into your distribution center? What about a message when an order is placed and the product is ready to ship? The live “bulletin board” section highlights the account activity and can be tailored to display specific information such as inbound shipments, lot activity or any logistics service that Murphy offers.

Tracking through the entire supply chain

Shipments are also tracked to their destination once they leave the warehouse. With tools available to follow inventory from truckload quantities, to pallets, all the way down to a single case or item, supply chain professionals have access to more data than ever. Murphy’s bundled service offerings allow you to utilize innovative technology to empower your supply chain throughout the entire product life cycle without having to work with numerous providers or log into many different systems.

Our effortless inventory management systems are great tools for increased visibility, easily accessed inventory levels and a more proactive supply chain! To learn more about NetView or have one of our customer service representatives demonstrate the system for you, contact Murphy today!

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