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EOS for Business: Warehousing and Logistics

In our modern business world, there is more and more need for the optimization of best practices and the refining of how operations are carried out. In an effort to address these things, the entrepreneurial operating system was developed. This EOS Model® is a management style that relies on the use of minimal tools and principles to maximize performance. 

Within the world of warehousing and logistics, the EOS mindset allows for a more streamlined approach to operations which leads to savings and greater efficiency. Murphy has adopted this model because it helps our management team to accomplish the many goals we’ve established in order to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Experience has shown us that you regularly obtain greater outcomes if you hold each member of your team responsible for a set of objectives and metrics.

This enables us to offer exceptional results while showcasing our adaptability and creativity. We consistently demonstrate that it is possible to operate a profitable business while exceeding the expectations of customers, employees, and the environment. EOS is a straightforward framework for outlining what matters, who owns it, and precisely what success entails.


What is EOS?

Running on the entrepreneurial operating system has helped tens of thousands of business owners experience rapid development and a more balanced life. In essence, EOS is a method of human resource management that makes use of a minimal number of tools and tenets. EOS for business is about synchronicity. Everyone is focused on the same objectives when using EOS, therefore your business operates more profitably and smoothly.

The six guiding elements of the EOS Model® for corporate growth are vision, people, data, issues, process, and traction. The foundation of the EOS business philosophy is the idea that each team member must be responsible for attaining a shared vision by focusing on it collectively.

A company can use EOS to resolve problems, organize and prioritize work, follow procedures, interact with one another, collect data, define roles, and more efficiently lead and manage projects and employees.

How EOS Works in Logistics

Logistics, like every other industry, is about people. Maintaining this perspective enables us to handle the valuable goods our clients entrust us with while never losing sight of the importance of each and every employee. We are better able to understand how each individual’s responsibility and actions impact the entire system. This clarity is pivotal to our success.  

To simplify this effort, EOS for business is broken down into six core components.

The Six Key Components of EOS

EOS can be simplified into six key components which allow a business to understand and identify where they are strong, where they could use improvement, and where they can identify truly unique differentiators. These components are applicable to every business, including the world of warehousing and logistics.


Vision is about seeing things clearly. Getting everyone in the organization completely on board with your goals and your plan of action is necessary to strengthen this component. In the world of logistics, this includes an understanding of where the company is coming from and a shared goal of where the company is headed.


In its simplest sense, your business needs exceptional people to succeed. This requires surrounding yourself with excellent people on all levels since accomplishing a great vision can only be accomplished with others. At Murphy, we hire industry leaders and veterans who bring years of experience and proven success to the table. This translates to service excellence that can’t be beaten.


Slicing through all the emotions, personalities, opinions, and egos in your business is the first step to effectively using data. This is further accomplished by reducing new information to a few objective numbers that give you a precise sense of how things are going at any one time. We take an objective approach to understanding data and allowing it to guide our efforts every day.


Every business needs to be able to adequately handle the art of problem-solving across the entire organization, including creating solutions and dismantling obstacles. We regularly spend time learning together through training and personal study, so we can better understand and prepare for conflict and work challenges. We use the skills we develop to work through things and find a resolution that works best for everyone.


To achieve consistency and scalability in your business, you’ll need to get everyone on the same page with what the crucial procedural steps are and then get everyone to follow them. Process improvement is one thing, but process understanding is the correct starting point. We routinely evaluate our processes to ensure they are aligned with our company’s values, and that they will consistently produce desired results.


This comprises instilling discipline and accountability within the company, improving execution, and grounding the vision in reality. By maintaining a clear understanding of all six steps, Murphy is better able to face the ever-changing landscape of the logistics industry and consistently deliver reliable and desirable results.

How Our Core Principles Guide Us Forward

Most businesses that struggle or fall short do so because they concentrate on the wrong projects or allow distractions to paralyze them so that nothing gets done. By embracing EOS for business, you can avoid these pitfalls and accomplish rapid growth by getting out of your own way and focusing on your core principles.

Despite our size, the staff of Murphy Logistics makes every stride to provide a personal touch with every client. Other companies that provide 3PL logistics solutions tend to overlook this key principle. In an industry where efficiency is the driving force, often at the expense of client experience, we stand firm in our belief that the customer should always come first.

Murphy offers cutting-edge warehouse and logistics solutions motivated by our passion to make a difference for our clients and team members. Our goal is to become the best warehouse and logistics company throughout the Midwest. To do this, we are not focussing on just numbers. Instead, we allow the values gained from understanding EOS for business to guide us every step of the way.