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Five Advantages of Bundling Logistics Services

Outsourcing logistics has proved to be a smart move for businesses looking to improve processes, increase efficiency, mitigate risks and save time and money! In previous blog posts and case studies we’ve discussed the benefits of outsourcing logistics from the operational advantages to the financial benefits. If you haven’t seen them yet, check them out in the links below:

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Working with a 3PL logistics solutions provider that has an array of services can be beneficial for companies of all sizes, as well! Here are five advantages of bundling logistics services with a full-service 3PL provider:

One Point of Contact

Simplicity in your supply chain is one of the largest benefits to bundling services. When you need a project done, need to fill specific orders quickly or make changes to existing products or services, one customer service rep will be able to help you throughout the entire project from warehousing to distribution to transportation. Having this simplicity helps to finish projects quickly, accurately, and efficiently! Many of Murphy’s customer service reps have been working with the same customers for years and know how the accounts operate on a daily basis.

Consistent Service Levels

Having a single partner for supply chain and logistics solutions means no surprises when it comes to service levels. Whether you are working with a large ongoing project or a short-term increase in product levels, you know how the job will get done. If projects are bounced from 3PL to 3PL or handled in-house, service levels can vary and the work is not done consistently for you or your customers.  

Improved Pricing

When more than one service is provided by a 3PL, pricing can become more efficient and economical throughout the entire supply chain. Full-service providers can effectively price projects because they know exactly when inbounds will be received, items will be picked and trucks will be at their doors, making for a much more efficient process. 


Working with a single 3PL provider brings flexibility to the supply chain in a couple of different ways. The ability to increase or decrease square footage and the amount of handling required, while only paying for what you use, is one of the main benefits of using a 3PL logistics company. Having a full-service 3PL provider handling the entire supply chain also gives you the flexibility to use specific services when you need them. Say a large retailer picks up your product and boxes need to be re-labeled, or your product’s online sales take off and you need e-commerce fulfillment services – with a full-service 3PL, these jobs can easily be done without the hassle of re-warehousing or switching providers.

Partnership Mentality

For us here at Murphy, we strive to embody the partnership mentality with our clients. From high-quality customer service to process improvements and innovation, we want each of our clients to have the most effective supply chain possible! Working with a full-service 3PL provider brings improvements to every aspect of the product life cycle from pre-production raw materials to finished goods ready to move on to their final destination. If you would like to hear about how we can help your supply chain contact us, we would love to share more with you!

With efficient storage methods, reliable trucking and brokerage transportation, and rail services such as unloading and loading boxcars, coordinating drayage, and utilizing our state-of-the-art indoor rail tracks, Murphy’s full-service logistics solutions can help you simplify your supply chain!

Have a wonderful day!