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How Does Custom Distribution Work for Personalized Logistics

Murphy Logistics is a trusted 3PL logistics solutions provider, meaning we handle the outsourcing of e-commerce logistics processes as a third-party business. This could include inventory management, warehousing, and fulfillment. 

At Murphy, we handle accounts of all shapes and sizes with products ranging from food ingredients to industrial materials. Every customer has specific needs for when their products ship out. While there are many standard procedures like packing slips or bill of lading needs, many times there are custom requirements and needs as well. 

The ability to understand and deliver these options and uphold that portion of your supply chain are signs of a quality 3PL partner. Below we explore some of the reasons that Murphy Logistics is trusted for our custom distribution services along with our standard warehousing and logistics solutions.

Custom Distribution

What is Custom Distribution?

As mentioned, custom distribution is handling items in a specific way that is unique to a certain customer. Plans are set into place with your operations and customer service teams to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Many times there are technology components to be set up that can be automated through a quality Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Custom distribution can be accomplished either through physically handling items or through such special requests as kitting options or digitally setting up orders to be handled in a particular way through a WMS. This can help you build solid plans with retailers and through website sales!

One of the worries that many companies have when considering a custom distribution partner is the uncertainty that a 3PL can provide the same quality of work as they do for standard logistics. This is simply not true. In fact, adapting to new procedures is one of the big benefits of working with a 3PL. 3PLs can customize a distribution plan to fit the needs of virtually any customer.

Whether you need oversized materials blocked and braced for added safety in a shipment or are seeking to place a note card in direct-to-consumer orders, these options can all be accomplished with custom logistics plans.

How is Custom Distribution priced?

Because a customized distribution plan will be different from any other client that a 3PL works with, when working through the quoting process it’s important to be as specific as possible with your needs. This allows our team to understand what you are trying to accomplish and craft the perfect solution. From there you can work with your logistics planning team to determine if you will be charged per piece, per action, or if an hourly rate is best for your job. 

One example of custom distribution is in custom kitting and staging work. During busy seasons, or when handling large orders, it can be helpful to choose an hourly rate in consideration of the high volume. On the other hand, if you are doing the same action for every order, such as taking two different items and placing them in a custom package for shipments, then working per order can be the more cost-effective option.

Can a 3PL Handle my Custom Distribution?

While having relied on your own specific way of shipping and distribution in the past can make you second-guess using a 3PL, working with a quality team to set up custom logistics options can be a wise decision for your supply chain. 

To help ensure success, start by making a solid procedure plan and setting up the warehouse management system to automate as much as possible. Then, work with your operations team to train the warehouse employees that will be working every day to deliver on the established procedures. This will guarantee that there is a clear understanding and shared goal for the outcome.

Through ongoing work with your customer service team, you can continue to identify ways of becoming more efficient and improving upon procedures as needed. Over time, the system will become more refined and consistent.

A professional, third-party warehouse company can help your supply chain in many different ways, working with custom distribution partners such as Murphy Logistics can be a great way to personalize your logistics plan and provide a better forecast for your future.