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How to Use Commercial Outdoor Storage in Your Business

If you are a growing business without the space to support your progress, you may have considered looking into outsourcing your warehousing and logistics to incorporate commercial outdoor storage. This is an ideal solution if you seek efficiency within the supply chain for your industrial and commercial jobs. Fortunately, you need not invest in more property.

Materials that will be used outdoors or are oversized and might not fit in a standard warehouse environment are prime candidates for adding commercial outdoor storage as a solution. We want to help you understand all of the benefits, so here is how your business can begin to use this underrated service.

Commercial Storage

The Materials

To utilize commercial outdoor storage, you must have the right materials. Materials that are going to be used outdoors already make up a large portion of outdoor storage in the commercial space. Products like building materials, shingles, and outdoor equipment are often stored outdoors, leading to storage and operational efficiency. These materials can sometimes be designed for the elements, but also tend to be oversized and require specialized handling. These heavy-duty materials may come in many pieces or be fully assembled in massive packages or assemblies. Whatever they are, they are known to be safe if exposed to elements and temperature changes. Commercial outdoor storage frees up space inside warehouses and allows for easier movement of oversized materials.

The Process

Storing products in a commercial outdoor storage yard is a little bit different process than standard warehouse storage. Unloading and loading trucks in an industrial outdoor storage space is generally much easier with flatbed trucks and trailers. These types of vehicles are much more difficult to maneuver inside an enclosed warehouse. The equipment used to load, unload and transport oversized materials can also be quite large, making the task impractical.

Working with your logistics team to line up the right equipment for every job is extremely important. Inventory is tracked by location in the yard and managed in a warehouse management system. Even with the exposure that commercial outdoor storage allows, this solution still offers modern security options. Locking gates with access codes, 24/7 monitored guard buildings, and video cameras with visibility at all times are just a few examples of the options for upgraded security within the outdoor commercial storage space.

The Elements

Depending on where you are located in the country, the elements will have a significant impact on commercial outdoor storage. Not only will the materials be exposed to weather, but the operations must be performed in the outdoor elements as well. In parts of the country with harsh winters, like Minnesota, operators must be ready for weather such as snow, sleet, and bitter cold. Equipment must be kept up to the task. Heavy-duty forklifts can be specially equipped for better operation in inclement weather. In other parts of the country where heat and sun can affect products, shelters can provide shade for products in the harsh elements that impact industrial outdoor storage yards.

Finding The Right Fit

Because most businesses do not have a surplus of commercial outdoor storage space, working with a 3rd party logistics provider may be your best option. Outsourcing warehousing and logistics as it pertains to your oversized and weather-resistant materials can help with operational efficiency. There is a great benefit in working with an experienced team that has faced these obstacles and is ready to handle any challenges that may come their way. 

Third-party commercial warehousing teams also have the specialized equipment already in place to handle the job right and ensure efficiency and accuracy. Teams with outdoor storage experience are ready for this type of task, have suitable space and procedures, and utilize the correct equipment to make this specialized process efficient and effective.

If you are facing the need to incorporate commercial outdoor storage into your business plan, allow the experts at Murphy Logistics to help. We will prepare a customized plan for receiving, storing, tracking, and delivering your materials as needed. This plan will consider the elements, the materials you need to be stored, and other considerations. Get started with a call or complete one of the forms below to begin your commercial outdoor storage project now.