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How Top Freight Broker Companies Are Different

For businesses seeking to move goods efficiently and effectively, whether domestically or internationally, freight broker companies offer the breadth of services necessary to achieve ultimate success. This is accomplished by connecting a variety of readily available carriers who have already been vetted for their capabilities. The time and experience which goes into knowing how to put all the pieces together is a defining hallmark of an industry leader.

When a business is looking for a logistics partner, they frequently start by searching for terms like “best freight broker companies near me” and then carefully sifting through the tens of thousands of results. When choosing from a short list of freight broker companies, it’s unwise to simply choose the company listed first in the results. Effective search engine optimization alone will not qualify a freight broker company to safely deliver your goods.

If you want to select a partner who completely suits your unique demands, there are many underlying considerations to take into account. So let’s examine the specifics and evaluate the key characteristics that help the top freight broker companies stand out in 2023.

Freight Broker Companies

How Freight Broker Companies Operate

Freight broker companies offer 3PL brokerage services which aid in bridging the gap between contract carriers and shipping customers. This includes all aspects of freight management necessary for the timely and safe delivery of shipments to their intended locations.

The shipper who needs to transfer their cargo and the carrier (trucking firm) who has the resources to do so are connected through a freight brokerage. A freight broker can provide the truck and trailer capacity each shipper requires to get their freight out the door and to its destination through a network of local, national, and international trucking companies.

Relationships are crucial for freight broker companies. In order to move shipments, the shipper, therefore, uses the brokerage’s network of carriers. Each shipper benefits from the convenience of this process because it eliminates the need for them to actively coordinate and choose a carrier. Instead, a freight broker is responsible for the entirety of any package they are handling.

The Duties of Freight Broker Companies

Freight broker companies deal with a wide variety of tasks daily, although the essential responsibilities of this profession are two primary responsibilities:

  • Screen potential shipping partners.
  • Coordinating the delivery of each package

Carrier Screening

A reliable freight broker will only work with reputable shipping companies. The highest values they hold are honesty and dependability.

Freight brokerage services are needed well before the truck pulls out of the yard. The first step is a comprehensive screening of its carrier base. It’s important to know the answers to questions like “Is there evidence of dependability in their past performance?” or “Do they meet all of the licensing and insurance requirements?”

Not all freight broker companies offer the same high quality and dependability. Carriers must be thoroughly screened in order to build a reliable supply chain.

Coordinating Delivery

The process of transporting your freight can begin once a broker has verified the reliability of the carriers in their network. The primary role of freight broker companies is to plan the entire route of your shipment, including the allocation of any necessary resources.

Helping customers manage costs and optimize supply chain procedures entails a wide range of activities, from scheduling pickups and relaying in-transit updates to planning recovery alternatives in the event of an error and coordinating with consignees to schedule deliveries.

A freight broker’s role is to locate and manage the most efficient means of transporting cargo from point A to point B, regardless of whether that point is across the country or around the corner.

Choosing a Freight Broker Company

Although you may only engage with one person at the freight brokerage, many others are working to ensure that your package arrives when it’s supposed to.

In order to create a successful business relationship, freight brokers need to earn their clients’ trust. The search for the best possible carrier for your consignment begins the moment you choose a freight brokerage to handle it.

The fundamental duty of freight broker companies is to put you at rest by being transparent and communicative from the start and by establishing fair expectations. If you’re working with a reputable freight broker, they’ll do all in their power to adhere to your delivery schedule, and they should be completely transparent about any difficulties you bring up.


Hiring freight broker companies to handle your shipping needs is a major choice. These are five things to keep in mind for the greatest possible experience and fit:

  • The capacity of the freight broker
  • The size of the freight broker
  • The reliability of the freight broker
  • The dependability of the freight broker

Keeping these things in mind will certainly ease your worries when your shipment is en route and you are counting on the results for your business’s ongoing success.

The Capacity of the Freight Broker

There are more than 700,000 trucking companies, so it’s important that the brokerage you choose has everything you need.

The vast majority (97%) of American trucking companies operate with a fleet size of fewer than 20 trucks. It might wreak havoc in your supply chain if the size and capabilities of your chosen brokerage prevent you from fulfilling your shipping needs.

Making the appropriate choice in brokerage requires verifying that the agency you select offers the services you require.

The Size of the Freight Broker

The size of freight brokerages varies widely. Major freight broker companies in the country are able to offer a wide range of services because they have access to extensive networks of carriers. Capacity and capability can range widely depending on the size of anything. Always consider your own requirements while looking for a brokerage to work with.

In times of ambiguity, when extra steps like re-routing a shipment or re-powering a load may be required, larger freight brokerages can be of assistance. In some cases, especially with larger brokerages, you may find that service suffers.

There are also smaller freight brokerages that you can work with. Smaller brokers often excel in customer service and have attentive salesmen, but they aren’t perfect. A broker’s responsiveness to last-minute changes suffers in direct proportion to the size of his or her network. This is mostly because they lack the resources of a larger company.

The Reliability of the Freight Broker

Reliability in shipping your goods extends much beyond simply having them delivered on time. Although the ability to meet deadlines is crucial, this is not the only factor to consider when choosing a trustworthy brokerage.

If a freight broker tells you they can transport your load for a given fee, they should always be able to. A trustworthy broker won’t come back after a sale and try to get additional money from you. Such actions are what give freight brokers a bad reputation and hurt their industry.

Choose a freight broker that provides firm quotes. Because of this, they may incur a loss, but that’s fine. As a customer, you are the company’s top priority because this is a relationship-based industry.

The Dependability of the Freight Broker

Fantastic freight broker companies recognize that life may be unpredictable and chaotic at times. That’s why reputable brokerages offer round-the-clock support in case any issues arise with your shipment.

It’s hard to think of a more crucial responsibility than this one. Peace of mind comes from knowing your freight brokerage will answer the phone and get things sorted out if an unforeseen problem arises during transport. Make sure the freight agency you choose will answer the phone when you call.

Collaborating with a Freight Brokerage Company

Fantastic freight broker companies recognize that life may be unpredictable and chaotic at times. That’s why reputable brokerages offer round-the-clock support in case any issues arise with your shipment.

It’s hard to think of a more crucial responsibility than this one. Peace of mind comes from knowing your freight brokerage will answer the phone and get things sorted out if an unforeseen problem arises during transport. Make sure the freight broker company you choose will answer the phone when you call and is able to deliver on your expectations.

Choosing the freight broker with the lowest estimate could save you money in the short term, but cheap isn’t always best. It is generally worthwhile to spend more to work with a broker that provides excellent service. Think about how much you value other features like customer support, quote tools, claims help, and tracking options before making a decision based solely on pricing.

Finding a reliable freight broker that can cater to your individual requirements might make a huge difference. Now, more than ever, you need a broker on your side who knows their way around a capacity constraint, given the situation of the business. Murphy Logistics is a seasoned 3PL logistics solutions broker that offers fair rates and reliable service to help you cut shipping costs and improve efficiency. Get started with a reliable freight broker company today by having a conversation with our team.