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Is Rail Shipping Right For You?

Shipping via rail is an amazing way for businesses to support their supply chain with efficient and reliable transportation options. From efficiency and sustainability benefits to reduced risk and lower costs, many rail benefits are top priorities for the supply chain. Over the next few weeks we will explain many of the benefits of rail shipping so that you can determine if it’s the right fit for your supply chain.

“A well-designed shipping plan has bottom-line implications for any business. Creating a sound logistics strategy—supported by efficient and reliable transport methods—ensures that raw materials promptly arrive at their destination and finished goods reach the customer on time.” (

One Railcar vs Four Trucks

When shipping product, we want the opposite of Richard Murphy’s “More is Less” distribution center strategy. Railcars hold as much freight as four trucks traveling over the road.  When you want to to ship the most freight, in the least amount of time, the size and efficiency of rail shipping brings those benefits to their clients every time. 

Increase Efficiency

Reducing the number of trucks on the road dramatically increases efficiency. Less time is spent coordinating loads, unloading containers, and waiting for product to arrive due to the lower number of inbound shipments. “This is an industry driven by efficiency,” said Richard Murphy, president and CEO. Railcars driven up to our dock doors, or into our indoor rail facilities are unloaded quickly and efficiently so that they can get back on the railroad and more can be brought in. 

Reduce Risk

Reducing risk is one of the most common reasons for making adjustments within the supply chain, and shipping is an easy way to do it. The chances of a shipping error, theft or accident are reduced when there are fewer trucks in transit, leaving you with peace of mind knowing that your product will get to the right place, safely.

Green Supply Chain

Taking four trucks off the road per railcar shipped is an easy way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Rail shipping is an extremely sustainable way to move product throughout the nation. We will explore the green benefits of shipping via rail in next week’s blog. Check back next week to learn more!

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