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Lean Logistics: What Does It Really Mean?

Logistics is a term used throughout the world to describe the storage, distribution and transportation of products all the way from the manufacturer to the consumer. Lean relates to reducing waste of any form in any industry. For the logistics industry that’s the waste of materials and products, order processing and employee time as well as loss of sales throughout the supply chain.

“Simply put, lean logistics is a relatively new term all about reducing waste and performing at peak efficiency within a company’s supply chain,” Paul Welna, Chief Operating Officer. 

As the supply chain evolves to meet the needs of today’s consumer, changes will make the process more efficient in every way. Becoming lean in the supply chain is a big step towards that efficiency. By reducing waste throughout the journey, you can help to improve both the environment and your bottom line.

Over the next few weeks we will talk about the benefits, challenges and implementation of lean logistics into the supply chain. Be sure to check back every week to learn about our evolving company and the third party logistics industry.