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Location, Location, Logistics – Plant Support

It’s no secret that manufacturing plants want to pump out as much product as possible while they are running. Specialized machinery, skilled employees and a solid production plan can make for an extremely efficient process no matter what type of product the plant is producing. All of these assets are expensive, so running at peak efficiency should be a top priority for many manufacturing plants. Having a 3PL partner operating as a support system can enhance that efficiency exponentially!

As a plant support operation, a good 3PL can strategically place warehouses allowing for manufacturers store inventory off site and have product shipped as the plant is ready. Our core competencies of storage, distribution and transportation are a vital piece of the manufacturing community and their day-to-day operations.

Here are our top five advantages to having a strategically placed plant support 3PL.

  1. Just-in-time shipping guarantees that product can be readily available. By locating a warehouse near a manufacturing plant, just-in-time shipments offer great value.  By saving valuable space within the manufacturing facility, it can be used for production instead of storage.
  2. The 3PL can act as an overflow or backup plan if inventory levels become too high at the manufacturing plant, or wholesalers warehouse.
  3. Clients are able to complete QA activities quickly and conveniently when the warehouse is near their headquarters or manufacturing plant.
  4. The 3PL is there to keep the plant running, including 24/7 transportation to and from the plant resulting in seamless production times.
  5. With an asset-based fleet to handle transportation, the plant will never have to wait on product while their warehouse searches for a transportation options.

Plant support can be a great way to save space and increase efficiency within a manufacturing facility. By adding a 3PL support system, you can easily reduce risk in many areas such as transportation and inventory levels. Finally, by sticking to your core competencies, productivity, efficiency and morale will be at an all-time high throughout your operation. Be sure to follow the blog for the next couple of weeks to learn more about how location can be one of the most important pieces to running a quality, efficient supply chain!

Have a wonderful day!