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Logistics and Supply Chain Associations

A couple of weeks ago our team members traveled to the WERC Conference in Orlando, Florida. They shared their thoughts about the conference in last week’s blog post. This week we are going to dig deeper into some of the great professional logistics and supply chain associations that Murphy is a part of. We have been active in each of these communities so that our team can keep up with the latest trends in the logistics industry, as well as help to share our story as a company. Our President and CEO, Richard Murphy, along with other Murphy employees have even served with each different logistics association in multiple ways.

Annual conferences highlight the year for each of the three associations and are filled with great learning opportunities as well as a time to network with like-minded professionals. With keynote speakers from top performing companies throughout the world and smaller sessions led by industry experts these conferences are a great opportunity to learn and grow! 


The Warehousing Education and Resource Council hold WERCouncil meetings organized by region or city. Members can share and learn about their local logistics community as well as share their own ideas through facility tours. They also have a full publication library full of white papers, articles and industry research. Although there is not a WERCouncil for the Twin Cities, both Richard Murphy and Neil Manns, a Murphy Marketing Coordinator, have served as volunteers with the registration committee at the annual WERC Conference.


The International Warehousing Logistics Association hosts multiple events nationwide covering different topics for professionals to learn and voice their own opinions. IWLA Councils cover topics throughout the entire industry including Chemical storage, Government affairs, Food Safety, Sustainability, Transportation and Diversity. They even featured Murphy’s green initiatives in their latest Sustainability Council newsletter.  (See Murphy’s green initiatives here) Richard Murphy has served as part of the Small Business Advisory Review, and on the Board of Directors for IWLA.


The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals association is known for their monthly Roundtable events that let Supply Chain Management Professionals to learn about new innovations and network with their peers. There are roundtables in markets around the world covering the most important topics in each region. Richard Murphy has served as a Twin Cities Chair, National Chair as well as the Twin Cities Roundtable President. Kim Huynh, a Client Solutions Specialist with Murphy will serve as the Secretary for the Twin Cities Roundtable in the next year. 

Throughout the year Murphy team members attend multiple conferences, facility tours and events so that we can keep up on the latest logistics trends and supply chain innovations. We are committed to staying on the cutting edge and providing our customers with world class service and believe that our professional associations help us to do that! Thanks for reading our blog, and be sure to check back next week to learn more about our growing industry and company.