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Murphy Case Study Spotlight

From emergency responsiveness, to special services; Murphy is available to help our clients with all types of requests. Our experienced warehouse team has worked with companies in every industry from food ingredients to roll paper. We have also teamed up and worked with all types of clients from fortune 500 companies to start-ups. Due to the savings that we found for our client, SELF Electronics, we felt that a case study was the best way to share their experience.

Re-Label Project Partnership

Murphy’s Client Solutions Specialist received a phone call from a potential customer that was searching for item re-labeling of cases. We used our experience and knowledge to get the right equipment, and find a reliable partner to help us get the job done in the tight timeframe. Finally, by utilizing our large network of vendors, Murphy was able to cut the original quote provided by SELF’s current 3PL by over 50%, while still completing the job quickly! See the whole case study here.

Customizing Many Solutions

When our client needs them, we ship raw material and other stored finished goods back to them for final assembly at other plants on a just-in-time basis. We have also developed a “flexible wall” for this manufacturer in our warehouses. This means that as the leased space they need for storing their materials and goods expands and contracts due to business realities and weather, our warehousing space expands and contracts with them. See the whole case study here

Emergency Responsiveness

During one August week a few years ago, Minnesota was experiencing an unexpected and prolonged heat wave. At the time, the local grocery retailer was storing its entire regional Halloween candy supply with Murphy in a non-refrigerated, seasonal-needs warehouse. Murphy warehouse team pulled together their resources and created a temporary air conditioning unit using generators, flatbed trucks and temporary piping to cool down 50,000 square feet of candy.  See the whole case study here.

Thanks for reading, make sure to check out all of our special projects in our case study page.