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Security: Tailored For You

Security is a top priority for most companies out there, making it a top priority for 3PL providers as well. Ensuring that products maintain the same level of security with an outsourced provider as they do within your own facility is extremely important to keep the supply chain moving.

When partnering with a 3PL, it is always a good idea to get an idea of what security measures they already have in place. And while 3PLs generally are extremely secure, with top-notch programs and tools used to keep inventory safe, sometimes certain products need an added security and attention. Whether it’s a high-value item, new technology, or just a product that would be safer under stricter security protocols, 3PLs can usually accommodate.

Added security measures that 3PLs provide customers include:

Specific building security levels:

Entire buildings can be transformed and updated to handle new and innovative products. Additions like building certifications ensure that the building is being maintained to high standards. Other changes such as the installation of cameras or security systems can be put in place to monitor activity around specific products or areas. Having extra security guards or police on site is another additional way to beef up the safety of a building.

Additional procedures:

Adding additional inventory counts on certain product lines adds a level of accountability for stockers and pickers and guarantees that inventory levels stay correct. Tracking can be done as well on cases, pallets, or even trucks, to make sure that merchandise is always in the right place. Adding in extra safety measures such as indoor loading provides added protection from theft.

Brand protection:

Brands and company names may need custom levels of security, as well. Anonymity at the client’s discretion is a great way to keep strategies and processes away from your competition or customers. Clients can also choose specific locations, so that their products are at different facilities or areas of the warehouse, away from certain companies.

Personnel Security:

Finally, making sure that we have the correct staff in place is a huge part of keeping our operation safe and secure. We complete pre-employment background and credit checks as well as drug and alcohol screenings. We also can test randomly or whenever there is reasonable suspicion that there are issues in the warehouse. Although the customer can’t see the full background checks, we certify that employees meet the requirements of credit and background checks. Customers can audit, making sure that we have taken the correct steps. 

No matter the level of security that your company or specific products need, finding a 3PL that can tailor security programs to you can add safety and peace of mind into your supply chain. If you would like more information, or have any questions about for our team, please contact us. Be sure to follow our blog for weekly updates on 3PL and Logistics operations.

Have a wonderful day!