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Short Term Storage Solutions

Are you working on a project in the booming Minneapolis/St. Paul or Kansas City markets? With all of the construction, renovation and updates going on, we are seeing more and more companies in our cities. Construction jobs generally have very little extra space and require large amounts of building materials and equipment. Renovation jobs require storage of many new displays, product lines and many times new building materials and building updates usually come with many new small fixtures and hardware parts. Finding storage for those products can be a very difficult task for many project managers and construction leads in a market with tight real estate. How do you go about storing what you need to get the job done right?

Utilizing a third-party logistics team for off-site project-based custom storage could be exactly what you’re looking for to efficiently finish the job!

Working with a company that offers 3PL brokerage services can be a great way to save money and become more efficient. At Murphy, our storage options can all be month to month ensuring that you only pay for the space used when you need it. A number of services are also available to help your team including inbound handling, inventory management, outbound order fulfillment, overflow storage, and transportation options.

The safe handling of products is extremely important for our clients, as well. Warehouse professionals work on many accounts every day and are trained to handle all of the different products in their warehouses. We assure you that your product or materials will be in good hands with our warehouse team. Unloading, inspections, inventory management, and put-away are all standard procedures of our warehousing and distribution services and give our clients peace of mind while their products are in our care.

If you are working on a construction project or a store update, finding storage space is only half the battle, making sure that your materials are at the job site when needed is just as important. Just-In-Time delivery solutions are available to have materials delivered when you need them, ensuring that everything you need is available without taking up valuable space at the job site. Multiple delivery solutions include van, flatbed, LTL, and small parcel shipments. We coordinate shipping through our asset-based fleet and our on-site brokerage team to help find you the best rates and reliability. 

Contact us to learn more about our short-term storage solutions for your next project!

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