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Sustainable Transportation, what is a SmartWay Certification?

Murphy Warehouse Company is known throughout the industry for our sustainable supply chain solutions. Richard T. Murphy Jr. has spoken throughout the nation about the company’s environmental impact and how we are making a difference for so many supply chains. If you haven’t read up on our sustainable initiatives, check them out here:

Becoming sustainable with our native prairies, ENERGY STAR, and LEED certified warehouses and solar footprint has helped Murphy to become one of the greenest warehousing and logistics companies in the nation. But, what about our transportation solutions? How do you make an 18-wheeler into a sustainable transportation option? How can a brokerage team ensure that your inventory is making the smallest environmental impact possible?

There are three large factors in sustainable transportation solutions: SmartWay Transportation carriers, alternative shipping options, and your distribution hub footprint. Over the next few weeks, we will discuss all three options and help you learn what can be the best option for your supply chain.

In 2004, the EPA developed SmartWay Transportation, a voluntary program to help address many problems with logistics sustainability including transportation pollution, emission standards, and fuel usage. Through a system used for tracking, documenting, and sharing information about fuel usage SmartWay is able to help companies find the best transportation solutions for lower fuel emissions and even a lower cost of transportation.

“Since 2004 SmartWay partners have saved over 196.5 million barrels of oil, lowered fuel costs by $27.8 billion, and reduced emissions of harmful air pollutants by 94 million tons.” –

With over 3500 active SmartWay carriers sustainably moving freight from New York to California, our transportation and logistics solutions team can make suggestions and find you the best sustainable carriers in the business. Murphy’s brokerage team is knowledgeable and ready to help you cover all of your transportation lanes sustainably.  

Learn more about SmartWay transportation on their website – or contact us to learn how our team can help you efficiently and effectively move your supply chain forward with sustainable transportation solutions.