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The Importance of Industrial Logistics

Industrial logistics plays a massive role in keeping the country moving every day. Industrial logistics is the movement, storage, and distribution of industrial products such as heavy machinery, and building materials. Industrial products play an integral role in our infrastructure and the production of consumer goods. Making sure that these oversize and heavy products are in the right places at the right time is the role of an industrial logistics team. Industrial products can be shipped via truckload, flatbed, or rail.

Industrial Logistics

The Role of Industrial Warehousing

Finding the right storage options for industrial products can be a challenge due to the oversized nature of many of them. Overweight products also require teams with the right equipment to transport them within the industrial storage facility. Industrial storage teams not only have to have the right space and equipment but also experience with heavy and oversized products. Utilizing outdoor storage may be an option for many industrial products.

Having operators that know how to maneuver equipment such as forklifts, booms, and gantry systems are important because new challenges happen every day. Murphy’s team with decades of experience has seen projects and jobs with products in all shapes and sizes. Murphy also has a specialized sister company, Murphy Rigging for when jobs need an extra layer of expertise.

Distribution of Industrial Products

Prepping and shipping industrial products is different than working with consumer goods and products such as food ingredients or retail products. Industrial products come with a different set of rules and teams that handle them every day. Industrial projects like construction, manufacturing updates, and development all have very tight and specific timelines that crews must adhere to.

To keep those crews on time, the industrial logistics team must ensure that products are in the right place at the right time. Industrial products typically have to be delivered Just-In-Time as well. This means that they are delivered as close to the time they are being put to use as possible to save space on the job site. Murphy has worked with teams for various industrial jobs whether they are construction projects that are one-and-done, or long-term industrial customers that trust Murphy to store, distribute and ship their products on a regular basis for jobs throughout the country.

The Key to Successful Industrial Logistics Transportation

With industrial transportation, you must look at many different factors to ensure that safe and on-time delivery is done efficiently. Like many other areas of the supply chain, having an experienced team at your disposal is key. With that, you have to look into the types of transportation for each project and find the right solution. From dry van transportation for machinery and non-oversized materials to flatbed shipping when products must be loaded/offloaded from the side of the truck. Depending on the distance of travel, utilizing rail shipping for industrial logistics can be the best option for heavy and oversized materials.

With such an important and complex job, working within the industrial logistics sector can be exciting, and extremely rewarding when jobs are completed correctly and on time. Having the right team in place will help to ensure that products are safely handled, stored, and delivered for every job. Murphy has the experience and resources to deliver exceptional industrial logistics solutions nationwide, thanks to our vast warehousing and logistics infrastructure. Discuss your strategy and get started today.