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The Murphy Green Initiative

Welcome to Murphy Warehouse Company!

We are pleased to present to you both our new company website and a new blog! In this publication, we share our passion for and commitment to green and sustainable business practices in our industry.

As a logistics, warehousing, and transportation company, we have been providing leading edge solutions for our clients and for our community since 1904. Whether on the road or in the warehouse, we continually work to meet customer and marketplace demands using our core Murphy values – integrity, mutual respect, excellence, creativity, and leadership. Sustainable business practices fit right in to these values.

People may wonder why we are so committed to being green. Because while our services do help the world turn it is also our responsibility to care for the Earth we move over. So we have made a long term strategic and financial commitment to reducing our impact on our corner of the planet and we take our sustainable practices seriously. To us a truly sustainable business balances economic and environmental factors.

In the time to come, our hope is that our readers will gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for what we do, how we do it and what we mean by being ‘green.’ Follow along as we document our green journey in the second century of Murphy’s history.

Warm Regards,