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“The Train Collecting, Truck Driver”

Murphy is known for great service, and our team members are the ones who make that happen! Each month we will highlight one of our team members, so that you can get to know the people behind the scenes!

Dan has been with Murphy since February of 2015, but has been in transportation his whole life. He was an owner operator up until 2015 with 17 trucks in his fleet, when he decided to move on from that he joined Murphy on what was supposed to be a three day job. Well, we are sure glad that he stayed! Dan brings the level of experience, professionalism and friendliness that Murphy loves to have in our Team Members.

Dan’s love of transportation extends beyond his job as a driver. He has been collecting model trains for the last 60 years! His love for model trains all started when his dad purchased him a Lionel Train Set as a young child. From there Dan got trains from all of his friends and collected every brand and size available. He has some that run on battery packs, some powered by the rail underneath it and even has a Scale Steam Engine! Dan not only collects the trains, but he loves to set them up and run them as well. Each year he sets up about 900 feet of track in a local park from the weekend before Thanksgiving through Christmas, and lets children in the community run the Christmas train!

As one of our drivers, we are proud to have Dan be the “Face of Murphy” to our clients, as well as our client’s customers. When you utilize Murphy for supply chain and logistics services, you are trusting that we will get the job done safely, accurately and efficiently. Meeting and learning about the people behind the scenes is a great way to learn about our family-owned and operated culture!