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Why Industrial Outdoor Storage is Becoming so Popular

Industrial outdoor storage has been trending as an ideal solution for more and more companies. The logistics and supply chain landscape is changing as companies are utilizing more non-traditional storage and distribution options to give themselves an advantage. Solutions such as outdoor storage are becoming more important as companies seek to become more efficient.

Availability and Convenience

It’s no secret that industrial real estate availability has decreased while the price of land and buildings have gone up significantly over the past couple of years. Working with a 3PL can help alleviate much of the strain in finding your own warehouses for storage and distribution. Many large warehousing companies also have massive, secure lots ready for outdoor storage. Utilizing this space for materials that are designed to be in the elements is a convenient way to find the space you need while still outsourcing to a team of experts that have the knowledge to store efficiently, securely, and effectively.

Oversized Storage Options

Some materials simply just can’t fit into a standard door. Keeping these materials in an outdoor storage environment can easily take the logistical nightmare of fitting into tight spaces and turn it into a convenient and efficient storage solution. Warehouses that offer outdoor storage typically will have heavy-duty equipment and trained teams that can unload flatbeds and trailers directly outside and into a storage location. Whether the materials are oversized lumber, steel, or finished products for construction or development, outdoor storage is likely the best fit.

Industrial Outdoor Storage

Secure Yards

One of the biggest worries about using outdoor storage typically has been the safety of the products and materials stored there. With modern security options and upgrades to systems, industrial outdoor storage has progressed immensely over the past decades. Depending on security requirements, yards can contain locking gates with access codes, 24/7 monitored guard buildings, video cameras that can be accessed from teams at all times, and many other features to help keep products, materials, and trucks safe while in outdoor storage.

Overflow Parking

Real estate costs are rising and space can be difficult to find in areas where major fleets are based. Finding a large warehouse or team with a secure yard is an easy way to outsource parking for a fleet either on an ongoing basis or during a seasonal surge. Truck parking is generally charged per spot, per month, and some providers may have a minimum number of spaces to occupy per month. These can all be good options for both large fleets or small teams looking for that extra space needed while trucks are not in operation.

Cost Effective and Efficient

We already mentioned the rising cost of real estate. One way to save on those costs is to think outside of the box (or the building in this case). Outdoor storage options can be extremely efficient and effective, saving you money in the process. There is more space to work with and no issues with building heights, stacking requirements, or anything along those lines. All of these things are making industrial outdoor storage a perfect and popular choice for many items and materials.

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