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Why would a warehouse company be so interested in sustainability?

The Murphy team has been focused on green warehousing and transportation for the better part of two decades. We have made environmental sustainability a cornerstone of our long-term business strategy and have implemented one of the top environmental management systems in the world. Murphy’s annual corporate sustainability is an impressive read, filled with our goals, results, and new initiatives. The report is also certified by the Global Reporting Initiative, making us the first size and type company to comply with these strict standards. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for our sustainable logistics practices, and many of our customers and cohorts in the logistics industry have recognized our leadership. Our president and CEO Richard T. Murphy Jr. has given presentations at industry shows and events, speaking on panels about the industry, and has even gone into many Fortune 500 organizations to share how sustainable initiatives can be beneficial in the warehouse.

Why do we do all of this?

Well first of all we’ve always been green; our Irish heritage made us that way!

Our desire to become more aware of logistics sustainability started in the 1990s when Richard T. Murphy Jr. took the reigns as our President and CEO. Murphy is a trained Landscape Architect, focusing on sustainable landscapes. Our warehouses are surrounded by beautiful natural prairies, stormwater retention ponds, and landscapes designed to promote a healthy planet. While logistics and warehousing services help the world turn, we believe that it’s also our responsibility to care for the Earth we use and move products throughout. We have made a long-term strategic and financial commitment to reducing our impact on our corner of the planet and we take our sustainable practices seriously.

To us, a truly sustainable business balances economic and environmental factors. We believe that by reducing our environmental impact, we better serve our customers, employees, and the community. To put it plainly, we believe environmental sustainability is not just the “right thing to do,” but that it’s simply good for business.

If you’d like to learn more about our green initiatives or sustainable warehousing and logistics solutions, please check out our and stay tuned for our 2017 Corporate Sustainability Report coming in July!

Have a wonderful day!