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Growing in Partnership

A Minnesota Food Manufacturer

Manage Rapid Business Growth, Expanding Diverse Product Inventory Efficiently Together

Murphy Logistics Services: 
Warehousing and Transportation

Variable Warehousing, Forecasting, Transportation, Nationwide Distribution

A Minnesota-based family-owned food business started their production in the early 1960s. After about a decade of handling warehousing and transportation with their own equipment, they became a Murphy client in the 1970s for storing their dried food products from around the world. Murphy was a perfect fit, due to our years of experience and food grade warehouse environments. The business has since expanded to include a wide variety of products from health and specialty products to standard food items seen in your local grocer.

The company’s booming success created a challenge of keeping up with its 15-25 percent continuous yearly growth. Another challenge was to streamline forecasting. Murphy Warehouse Company stepped in and adapted to both business imperatives with a variety of warehousing options and inventory control services. Now the food company has plenty of flexible storage and keeps its perishable inventory in check to avoid overstocking and waste. Murphy remains responsible for transporting inventory to and from our storage facilities to the company’s plant on a daily basis for packaging and labeling as well as for the transportation of finished products out to customers nationwide.

Today, as the customer continues to grow, they still rely on Murphy to meet warehousing, inventory and transportation needs. Though the company had the opportunity to take on its warehousing operations internally, they have chosen to stay with Murphy because of our ability to provide strategic assistance and unique solutions that meet ongoing growth as it happens at an affordable price.

Throughout the dynamic 30+ year relationship, this has been a true partnership. With Murphy’s exceptional services, the food company continues to expand into many other food product lines while still maintaining its high quality, low price motto.