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Innovation, On-Site Product Assembly and Customization

A Communications Systems Company from Canada

Achieve Logistical Efficiencies

Murphy Logistics Services: 
Distribution, Technical Assembly, and Special Handling Services

Customized staging and technical assembly of specialized products, nationwide distribution, and handling of returns. Our business partner is based in Calgary, Alberta, and manufactures communication systems for call processing, auto attendant, music on hold and overhead paging devices for a global network of customers and retailers. Prior to contacting us, the company owned three warehouses strategically located around the world to ensure the efficient delivery of its products. As they continued to expand their business internationally, their president and chief operating officer determined that they needed to outsource their logistical procedures within the U.S. to better serve their resellers, increase efficiency and promote significant corporate savings.

When the company searched for a third party logistics partner for outsourcing, they required additional services, such as customized staging and technical assembly before shipping – functions beyond the typical warehousing and transportation capabilities offered by most companies. Details about the company’s requirements were clear and a team at Murphy explored options for the best way to handle the project. After meetings with both teams, Murphy began work with these customized services and set up an enclosed room to support the specific requirements of their product lines.

Murphy was able to offer technical value-added services, as well as an eagerness to explore customized solutions. According to the company’s president. “Murphy’s willingness to provide technical value-added services was the decision point in our partner evaluation process,” he explained. “Without these services and a belief that Murphy would deliver on its commitments, we would have been unable to outsource our logistics.” 

Murphy Warehouse Company continues to assemble, transport and distribute the company’s products with precision and care. The partnership between the companies remains strong.