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International Services, Nationwide Retail Distribution, Custom Labeling and Packaging

A Canadian Camping Accessories Manufacturer and Supplier

Meeting Retailers’ Demands for Nationwide Distribution of International Products

Murphy Logistics Services: 
Warehousing Distribution, Value-Added Services, General Purpose Foreign Trade Zone 119 (FTZ), U.S. Customs Examination Station

International Services, Nationwide Retail Distribution

Murphy Warehouse Company partnered with a leading Canadian camping accessories manufacturer and supplier to well-known retailers in both the United States and Canada. As the company grew, it became more complex to manage its U.S. inventory and the delivery of goods from Canada across international borders. The time came when the company decided to position its products within the U.S. for its customized retail packaging and then broader national distribution.

Through our Midwest International Logistics Center; our General Purpose Foreign Trade Zone 119 (FTZ), and our U.S. Customs Examination Station, customs hurdles and delays typically associated with border crossings were eliminated. Now, their goods come from Canada directly to Murphy and are inspected on-site by U.S. Customs.

Murphy also was asked to apply unique product labels for distribution to specific retailers, including Wal-Mart, Dick’s Sporting Goods and others, as well as management of both order fulfillment and product returns. Complying with each retailer’s specific packaging, routing and labeling requirements was a crucial issue for Murphy, which handled all the product details with precision, eliminating chargebacks to the manufacturer.

By learning and adapting to the product supply chain and the business demands of each retailer, Murphy ensured compliance with vendor routing requirements. Now, the customer serves retailers across the United States and achieves efficient and fast delivery response time through Murphy’s customized distribution services. As both companies have continued to grow and evolve, the customer and Murphy have developed a trusted partnership. Using Murphy as its U.S. national distributor has brought flexibility and ease to the company’s operation, allowing the company to focus on the relationship with its retailers. Murphy also honed its experience in maintaining vendor requirements and learned the processes of retailer supply chains.