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Murphy Provides Project Based Logistics

Construction and Manufacturing Companies

Providing logistics services short term for complex projects.

Murphy Logistics Services: 
Short-term warehousing, Sorting, Distribution, Just-In-Time Transportation

From small renovation projects at local coffee shops, to massive US Bank Stadium logistics projects Murphy finds a quality solution for all of our clients. Although it is not as common as having a long term partnership, working with projects can be a great opportunity for both parties. Over the last year four different companies contacted Murphy seeking logistics services for upcoming projects in the area.


A renovation project for a large coffee chain store brought a construction client to Murphy to utilize our expertise in storage, distribution and transportation. With projects in urban areas, storage options are slim at the jobsite, making a 3PL a great fit to store tools, materials and finished products. Our team received inbounds for about a month leading up to the project and kept a strict inventory of the product in order to provide J-I-T distribution and shipping to the jobsite on a daily basis. This allowed the crew to finish the job quickly.


Murphy supported a project with custom storage and transportation work for a new flight simulator attraction called “FlyOver America” being installed at the Mall of America. The amusement ride equipment was shipped into Murphy from all over the world and consolidated in a warehouse near the Mall of America. The Murphy Fleet handled full truckload and LTL deliveries to the jobsite as materials were needed for the build.


Tasked with sourcing and installing the kitchen equipment for US Bank Stadium (to be finished in 2016), Stafford-Smith reached out to Murphy to receive, store and ship finished goods to the jobsite. Product was received from vendors worldwide and sorted so that it could be prepped and sent to the stadium depending on which area they were working on that day. With over 40,000 square feet of product and hundreds of different SKUs and specific pallet numbers, receiving and organization were key to this project. Orders were made daily and J-I-T shipping kept the product at our warehouse until it was needed to cut down on clutter at the job site.


ATS International, headquartered in St. Cloud, MN provided material for the iconic roof at US Bank Stadium. In addition to the see-through ETFE material, they provided parts and hardware for the aluminum grid to hold it in place. As construction began, materials were routed to our warehouse for sorting and storage until the project was ready for them. With publicity surrounding the stadium and roof, the security of our building was a priority for the client and our team. One of Murphy’s 14 secure warehouses near downtown Minneapolis was a great fit for this project because of the security measures and proximity to the jobsite. With many different product sizes ranging from small hardware pieces to large roof panels, our team strategically sorted and stored material in order for daily shipments to be made to the job site at US Bank Stadium.