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Food Ingredient Logistics

Leaders in Food Ingredient Logistics and Storage

The food supply chain is complex, with many moving parts. This means that food ingredient logistics is a vital cog in an already elaborate system. Consider not just restaurants, but cafeterias at schools, businesses, and care facilities, all requiring fresh ingredients, delivered on time, and without waste or spoilage.

To ensure the safe and successful transportation of finished goods and food ingredients that are necessary to keep so many businesses running, it’s important to partner with a reliable food ingredient logistics company that you can count on.

What is Food Ingredient Logistics

One of the most overlooked portions of the food supply chain is food ingredients. Food ingredient logistics is a vital part of virtually every single finished food product that a consumer buys. In order to run a restaurant, bakery, cafeteria, cafe, coffee shop, or market, you must have finished goods and food ingredients exactly when you need them. This requires experience and equipment that allows for ingredient transport to take place without interruption.

Food ingredients must be transported and stored by experienced teams that know how to safely handle these products. Murphy Logistics has established itself as an industry leader in this vital role. Food ingredient logistics is all about the pickup, transportation, storage, and delivery of perishable commodities. With warehouse space exceeding 3 million square feet, Murphy has the capacity and capability to carry out your food ingredient logistics accurately and effectively every single time.

Food ingredients can cover a broad range of materials. Some food ingredients are all-natural, such as crops or broken-down materials that go into everyday food products. Others could be synthetic or preservatives that help keep food shelf stable. Some common food ingredients are proteins for milk, dairy, and cheese products, flavorings and spices for everyday goods, and freeze-dried fruits or vegetables ready to go into a mixture for finished shelf-stable foods.

Food Ingredient Storage and Distribution

How are food ingredients stored? The vast majority of food ingredients are dry goods that are able to be stored at room temperature in a food-safe environment. Ingredients can be stored in bulk containers such as super-sacks, large totes, and gaylord boxes. They are commonly stored in 25-50 lb bags on pallets. Many times, food ingredients are safe to be stacked due to their dense and compact nature. Racked storage is also a good fit for food ingredient storage.

Food ingredients typically require strict food safety standards. There are industry and product-specific certifications and audits that professional food ingredient logistics companies must have. Companies may have their own audit process or they may use a third-party certification such as Safe Quality Food (SQF). Murphy has facilities certified by SQF and all managed facilities follow the SQF standards. Clients are welcome to bring in their own audit team at any time, as Murphy guarantees strict adherence to the safe storage of food ingredients for all types of customers.

Food Ingredient Transport

Transportation for food ingredients happens a couple of different times throughout the lifecycle of products. Food ingredient transport begins when items are moved to a warehouse for storage prior to being shipped to the manufacturing facility to create the final food products. From there, finished goods are either sent back to a warehouse, to a distribution center or shipped directly to stores for purchase.

Food Ingredient Manufacturing

While a food ingredient logistics team does manufacture food products, we have a clear understanding of this vital part of the supply chain. The manufacturing stage is where all of the work comes together to make a finished product. Manufacturing lines can run at all times of the day and products must be ready to go when manufacturing lines are ready for them.

This is where an expert food ingredient logistics team like Murphy comes into play. Storing products efficiently, ensuring timely deliveries, and having the ability to guarantee quality is always maintained are all keys to running a food ingredient logistics supply chain.

Upgrading Your Food Ingredients Logistics Plan

While there are no guarantees in the transportation and storage of food and food ingredients, you can improve your odds of success by working with an established food ingredient transport partner who understands all the nuances of this complex industry. When you work with Murphy Logistics, you can rest assured that you are partnering with a company that has long proven its value to the food manufacturing industry.

Established and consistent, with all the necessary certifications and audits you should expect from a professional company, the Murphy Logistics team brings years of experience to ensure your food ingredient logistics are handled professionally. To elevate your food ingredient transport and storage experience, take the time to consult with our team and learn how we can help you improve your food ingredient logistics plan. Get started today!

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