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Pet Food Ingredients Logistics

Meeting Demand with Precision and Quality

As the pet supply industry undergoes substantial growth and pet owners increasingly prioritize their pets’ well-being, the demand for pet products, particularly pet food, is on the rise. In this dynamic landscape, Murphy Logistics recognizes the unique challenges posed by the intricate supply chain for pet food ingredients. Our expertise in pet food ingredients is pivotal in ensuring the seamless and secure delivery of essential components to businesses across the pet industry, from manufacturers to pet stores and veterinary clinics. Discover how Murphy Logistics sets the standard for excellence in the transport, storage, and delivery of perishable pet food ingredients, providing high standards, safety, and a reliable supply for our valued clients.

Murphy Logistics stands out as an industry leader in food logistics, including pet food ingredients, boasting pet food warehouse space to accurately and effectively handle the pickup, transportation, storage, and delivery of perishable pet food ingredients. Murphy Logistics ensures the safe and efficient transport of various pet food materials. When you choose Murphy Logistics for storing and shipping your pet food ingredients, you can expect: 

  • High Standards: To make sure ingredient production satisfies legal requirements as well as our quality standards, we work closely with suppliers. For many of our products, we can trace, verify, and safeguard the whole supply chain thanks to our innovative products and procedures.
  • Safety: To make sure our clients are receiving products that accurately represent them in the market, we strictly adhere to national and international food safety board laws. 
  • Reliable Supply: We are better equipped to locate, transport, and handle ingredients for a consistent supply when we have direct access to wholesome ingredients.
Storing Pet Food Ingredients

How are ingredients for pet food kept in storage? Almost all pet food ingredients are dry products that can be kept in a food-safe setting at room temperature. Bulk storage options for ingredients include Gaylord boxes, big totes, and super-sacks. Pallets are usually used to store them in 25–50-pound bags. Pet food ingredients are frequently safe to stack since they are compact and thick. Another excellent option for storing food ingredients is racking storage. 
Murphy Logistics is a dependable fulfillment partner for brands of dog food, pet supplies, and other products. Recently, we expanded our presence in Kansas City with the opening of a new logistics center, offering an additional 315,000 square feet of warehouse space equipped with the latest logistics and warehouse technology. With a strategic central location and proximity to critical infrastructure, including rail routes and interstate highways, this expansion aims to meet the growing demand for Murphy’s services. The facility provides added flexibility and room for growth for Murphy’s customers seeking storage solutions for pet food warehouses.

Shipping Pet Food Ingredients

Partnering with a reliable logistics company for your pet food ingredients is essential for the successful operation of diverse businesses in the pet food industry. Serving the demands of the pet industry, Murphy is a third-party logistics (3PL) and warehousing firm with a nationwide fulfillment network. 

Fulfillment of pet products, characterized by bulky, oversized, and heavy inventory, demands specialized expertise in storage and handling. Murphy Logistics, equipped with extensive experience and a commitment to meeting the needs of the pet supply industry, offers a reliable solution to these challenges through their services, ensuring the secure storage, handling, and on-time delivery of pet food ingredients, including bulky items like pallets of dry dog food weighing over 1,000 lbs. Outsourcing to Murphy Logistics guarantees the protection of inventory and seamless fulfillment for online orders and retail distribution, addressing the specific requirements of the pet supply chain.

Pet Food Ingredients and Safety

When handling food products, whether intended for human or companion animal consumption, specific guidelines and protocols need to be followed. To guarantee the safety of consumption and that these products do not affect the client or, in this case, their pets, all logistics and fulfillment processes must adhere to these criteria from beginning to end. 
Logistics providers must operate pet food distribution warehouses, storage facilities, transport vehicles, and individual delivery personnel that meet the regulations set forth by the FDA, USDA, and their equivalents in other nations. Murphy holds logistics certifications in several areas related to industry safety, food safety, and food security. We are a great option for your pet food warehouse and distribution needs.

Pet Food Logistics Experts

We’re ready to answer any questions you may have about our pet food warehousing, pet food distribution, and food-grade shipping capabilities. The choice of a carrier significantly influences the affordability and reliability of your pet food ingredient shipping experience. Murphy supports our customers in the pet food ingredient industry, addressing supply and logistics challenges. We excel at designing pet food distribution networks that surpass client expectations, ensuring the timely delivery of fresh ingredients by minimizing mileage and transit time.

Collaborate with our team to create a personalized logistics plan for pet food ingredients, and rest assured that you’ve partnered with a top-tier provider. Our expertise in commercial pet food ingredient storage and transportation ensures on-time delivery and the availability of the packaging you require. We carefully store and ship our customers’ ingredients, thanks to our expertise in logistics and world-class facilities. Our team of logistics experts can ensure your products are handled and delivered with care.

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