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Case Study Highlight: Project Based Logistics

Partnering with a third-party logistics team can make a huge impact in your supply chain. From increased accuracy and efficiency to lower real estate and labor costs, find a partner to help your logistics is a must for any business! But what about companies looking for short term help on an urgent project. The nature of a 3PL Logistics Company is to be nimble and ready for changes at any moment, making us perfect partners for any type of project. 

The most common types of 3PL projects are:


Short term storage

Light manufacturing and assembly

Sorting and Labeling


Whether you are in a long-term partnership, working with a 3PL on a month to month contract or looking for help on a short term project, we are ready to help! From construction teams to retailers, working with a 3PL on your next project can ensure that it goes smoothly and efficiently. Our team has over 110 years of experience with transportation, custom storage and distribution services. See our project case study to learn how we supported four major projects in the Twin Cities last year.

Have a wonderful day!